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1991 - 1998
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Hubert & Sonja Baier, along with their 10 and 8 year old daughters Diana and Stef, moved to Canada from Germany. After a couple of failed business opportunities, their realtor asked them to make a quick pit stop at "Hillside Farm" to check out the property before heading to Canmore to find a place to settle down. They didn't even make it all the way to the main house before deciding this was the place for them!

They moved in and over the years, built a few cabins.

Hubert was a chef so they offered Bed and Breakfast and dinner.

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1998 - 2010

January 1998 brought a tragic house fire, causing a total loss of the main lodge along with the families belongings and beloved pets (2 dogs). There was no time to waste - a rebuild was soon underway on the same foundation and Hubert & Sonja would be open for business by June that same year! The community came together and completed this incredible project. The Baier family called the Moose Chalet their home for the winter until the new lodge was ready.

spring 1998
2010 - current
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Hubert & Sonja put Hillside Lodge & Chalets up for sale in 2005. They had some interest but no real offers so they just kept moving along.

In 2010, their daughter Stef and her boyfriend Mark decided Hillside was the perfect place to get married. After cleaning out the barn and getting organized, a wonderful wedding was had!

While they were away on a mini-moon, they pondered if maybe they were crazy to let this property be sold to someone else and made the decision to buy it! They told the rest of the family on Thanksgiving and spent the next few months wrapping up their lives in Calgary. The following July, they moved to Golden and after getting their feet wet in the wedding world, decided to dive right in. 


Now, with children of their own, Stef and Mark have established a successful wedding venue, completely booking out every weekend in the summer months and renting out short and longer term cabins in the winter.

They love what they do and couldn't be happier to raise their sons on this beautiful property!

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