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Golden BC Winter Getaway

Beaver Chalet at Hillside Lodge

Nestled in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, Hillside Lodge in beautiful Golden BC, offers a winter sanctuary with a perfect blend of adventure and soul-soothing relaxation. A weekend stay at Hillside Lodge unfolds as a cozy winter escape, with the iconic peaks of the Purcell and Rocky Mountains serving as your backdrop.

A few activity options:

Skiing at Kicking Horse:

The weekend kicks off with exhilarating runs down the slopes of Kicking Horse, just a short drive from Hillside Lodge. With its legendary vertical terrain and renowned powder, comfortable skiers will find their joy! Stop at Whitetooth Brewery, Golden Taps Pub, or The Rockwater Bar and Grill for an apres beverage before heading back “home” to Hillside!  

Wood Burning Fireplace or Bonfire

As the sun sets, the charm of Hillside Lodge continues. Picture yourself cozying up by a crackling fireplace, a cup of hot cocoa in hand. Whether you choose the warmth of the indoor hearth or the crisp freshness of the outdoor fire pit, each moment is an opportunity to unwind and share tales of the day's adventures.

Snowshoeing Serenity to Blaeberry River:

For a change of pace, venture into the winter wonderland surrounding the lodge. Strap on snowshoes (we have some available to borrow) and explore the snow-laden trails leading down to the Blaeberry River. The hushed crunch of snow beneath your boots, the crisp mountain air, and the pristine landscape create a serene atmosphere, offering a peaceful contrast to the adrenaline of the slopes.

You won’t regret booking booking your winter getaway in Golden, BC (more specifically, Hillside Lodge! :-)) this winter! Get in touch today for available dates! Visit our website here to book online or send an email to


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