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An in-person site tour is highly recommended but sometimes, it's just not possible.

As one of Golden's best kept secrets, we don't want to take any chances. While photos don't fully do it justice, we've done our best to give you a great visual of the breathtaking property we get to operate on. Stunning views at the ceremony site with the sound of the river flowing in the background, mountains all around and a beautiful rustic barn wedding venue are yours to explore! 

Sometimes, it's tricky to imagine where everything is so we've created this little virtual tour - come on! Let's talk a little journey.

Hillside Lodge Aerial View.jpg
Hillside Lodge Main Lodge

This is the main lodge, 'Hillside Lodge'. We usually start our tours here in real life so this is where we will start.

In the lodge, we will find: 

 - the office where guests check in

 - the bridal suite where the bride and her crew get       ready

 - the 'family room' where guests can come to hang   out, play games or connect to wifi

 - 2 lodge rooms (accommodation)

Click images for more info!


From here, we will walk through the main lodge and out the back door to the deck, the 'honeymoon suite and our breathtaking ceremony site!

Office/Front entrance

Bridal Suite 

Hillside Lodge - Life is Better when you
Hillside Lodge Patio.jpg
Hillside Lodge Ceremony Site.jpg
Whitetooth Lodge Room - Hillside Lodge.j

Family room

Lodge Rooms

Sunrise Chalet - Hillside Lodge.jpg
Bridal Suite at Hillside Lodge
Family Room at Hillside Lodge

Lodge Deck

Ceremony Site


Let's make our way up the driveway to the cabins, BBQ, firepit and lawn games area as well as the stunning barn wedding venue.

Honeymoon Suite - this is where the wedding couple stays for the weekend

Hillside Lodge Barn Wedding Venue.jpg

Barn entrance

Hillside Lodge - Elora May Studios Photo

Front of barn and washrooms

Hillside Lodge BBQ and Lawn Games.jpg

Lawn Games & BBQ area

Moose Chalet - Hillside Lodge.jpg
Buffalo Chalet - Hillside Lodge.jpg
Porcupine Chalet - Hillside Lodge.jpg
Hillside Map - 2020 WEDDINGS.jpeg

Moose Chalet

Buffalo Chalet

Porcupine Chalet

Lawn Games & Cocktail lawn at Hillside Lodge

Lawn Games & BBQ area

Wolf Chalet - Hillside Lodge.jpg

Wolf Chalet

Beaver Chalet - Hillside Lodge.jpg

Beaver Chalet

Grizzly Chalet - Hillside Lodge.jpg

Grizzly Chalet

Caribou Chalet - Hillside Lodge.jpg

Caribou Chalet

Honeymoon Suite at Hillside Lodge

Honeymoon Suite

Whitetooth Lodge Room - Hillside Lodge.j

Lodge Rooms


We created this video tour - please excuse the amateur nature of it. We hope it gives you a better idea of the property and venue.

Interior Barn Venue at Hillside Lodge
Barn Ceremony Set Up at Hillside Lodge
Barn Photo - Elora Braden
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