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Cabin Tours - Caribou Chalet

Summer Retreat at Caribou Chalet: Your Golden Getaway

Hillside Lodge - Caribou Chalet - Exterior

Nestled in Golden, BC, Hillside Lodge proudly presents Caribou Chalet – the essence of summer tranquility. As the sun blankets the Canadian Rockies, our 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom cabin accommodation welcomes you to a haven of comfort and relaxation.

Step into Caribou Chalet, greeted by a rustic yet modern interior that sets the stage for a serene summer escape. The open living and dining area, complete with a fireplace, creates a cozy atmosphere perfect for winding down after a day of exploring the wonders that surround you or after a long day of wedding prep/celebration!

Hillside Lodge - Caribou Chalet - Interior

Caribou Chalet has a small kitchen ready for culinary adventures, allowing you to whip up meals using fresh, local ingredients during those times when you aren’t being fed by the wedding. There are also lot’s of really great restaurants located right in Golden (just a 15 minute drive away) if you would prefer!

One of the highlights of this charming cabin is its enchanting porch, offering views of the majestic mountains and Blaeberry River below. Picture yourself sipping coffee in the morning, or indulging in a happy hour beverage as the sun dips below the horizon. The porch becomes your retreat, inviting you to savor the sights and sounds of summer in the Rockies.

If you have some spare time, Hillside Lodge's location ensures you're just moments away from Golden's summer adventures. Explore nearby hiking trails, swim in rivers or get a rush of adrenaline on your downhill or cross-country bike, or simply bask in the beauty of nature – Caribou Chalet is your gateway to a memorable summer escape in the heart of the Rockies.


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