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Cabin Tours - Porcupine Chalet

Porcupine Chalet is one of my favourite cabins - it is super cozy for a couple of people and has everything you need for a relaxing weekend getaway!

One of the great things about Golden, B.C. is that abundance of activities - whether you are here in the summer or winter, there is always plenty to do AND since you are staying at Hillside Lodge, you get to come home to this cozy cabin, light a fire and enjoy a glass of wine or sit on the deck!

Porcupine (and Buffalo) Chalet is one of our newest cabins. We've added a better kitchen set up which means there is now a full fridge and stove/oven along with a microwave, coffee machine, kettle and all the dishes etc you need for two people.

All the furniture was hand made by a family friend! What a treat.

Don't take my word for it - watch the video below or better yet, book your getaway now!


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