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Cabin Tours - Grizzly Chalet

Grizzly Chalet goes way back to early Hillside days! This was one of the first few cabins my parents built after they bought this property - they built Grizzly and Beaver Chalets as one bedrooms!

I adored these two little cabins! They were really cozy.

This photo was taken around 1994. These two cabins were built in 1993 and this looks pretty fresh. The tiny tree between these two cabins is now a massive tree!

Caribou and Elk duplex chalets were built in 1997 and here can can see slight growth in the vegetation!

In 2001, Grizzly got a major facelift and it was turned into what it is today! It was taken from a 1 bedroom simple cabin to a 2 bedroom, timber frame front, stunning cabin.

It now has a master bedroom with king bed and ensuite bathroom, a 2nd bedroom with 2 twin beds, 2nd full bathroom with tub and a kitchen, dining area, living space with wood stove and futon sofa as well as the fabulous porch.

Come take a walk through the cabin with me below.


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